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Our safety advice pages have lots of information and tips on a range of different subjects to keep you safe. Browse the category you selected below, or click 'Visit our safety advice page' button to see them all.
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Heatwave Safety

During a heatwave, there is an increased risk of incidents like fire, water rescue and health issues due to the hot weather. Check out our heatwave safety tips to reduce risk and stay safe during the summer.
Read more about Heatwave Safety
A thermometer showing nearly 40 degrees against a blue sky

Camping and caravans

Check out our tips on staying safe and enjoying yourself in the great outdoors!
Read more about Camping and caravans
A caravan

Parks and woodlands

Small fires can easily start in parks or woodland areas. Here are some steps you can take to make sure we all keep our outdoor spaces safe, clean and reduce any risk of fire.
Read more about Parks and woodlands
A pathway through some trees in a forest

Countryside fire safety

Take a look at our tips on preventing fire in the countryside.
Read more about Countryside fire safety
An image of a road going through a forest

Bio ethanol and gel fuel

There are no current European standards for bio ethanol and gel fuel burners, so our safety advice should be strictly followed.
Read more about Bio ethanol and gel fuel
A small gel or bio ethanol burner


Barbecues in the garden can be great in the summer. Here are some safety tips you can follow so you can enjoy them safely.
Read more about Barbecues
A range of foods like sausages, steaks and tomatoes cooking on a BBQ


Bonfires, either in the garden or at organised displays can be fun when enjoyed safely.
Read more about Bonfires
Bonfire with several people holding marshmallows on sticks over it.

Water safety

Water safety is really important, as a child or an adult. Whether it's on holiday abroad or around canals, lakes or other waterways.
Read more about Water safety
A park bench next to a lake
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