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Safety Categories
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A collection of generic small AA rechargeable batteries
Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
Discover essential safety tips for handling and charging lithium-ion batteries in your household devices. Learn how to prevent fires and ensure safe use with our comprehensive guide.
View Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
UK Emergency Alerts, showing a phone with an alert on.
UK Emergency Alerts
Emergency Alerts are messages sent to all compatible 4G and 5G mobile phones when there’s a danger to your life, health or property in the area you’re located.
View UK Emergency Alerts
An e-bike with a cyclist on it, showing only their legs.
Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, are motor-assisted pedal cycles that look similar to conventional bicycles. Follow our guidance on using and charging them safely.
View E-bikes
A frozen lake with snow on the bank
Winter Water Safety
Winter is especially dangerous because of the temptation to play on ice formed over open water, rivers or canals. It's risky for everyone, but both children and pets are especially at risk, as well as adults who might attempt to rescue them.
View Winter Water Safety
A smart meter home monitor with a fire in the background
Cost of Living – Stay Fire Safe
As the cost of living increases, we've put together some top tips to help you stay fire safe while you're trying to reduce the cost of heating or lighting your home.
View Cost of Living – Stay Fire Safe
A thermometer showing nearly 40 degrees against a blue sky
Heatwave Safety
During a heatwave, there is an increased risk of incidents like fire, water rescue and health issues due to the hot weather. Check out our heatwave safety tips to reduce risk and stay safe during the summer.
View Heatwave Safety
A woman holding the phone with a 999 BSL call in progress
999 BSL – UK Emergency Video Relay Service
999 BSL connects users to British Sign Language interpreters through an app or a web-based platform. They will relay the conversation to the emergency service/s.
View 999 BSL – UK Emergency Video Relay Service
A professional carer talking to an elderly gentleman
Safety advice for professionals and carers
Fire safety advice for professionals and carers who work with people with care and support needs.
View Safety advice for professionals and carers
A photograph of two high-rise blocks in Ladywood in Birmingham
Tall Buildings and Grenfell
Information that may be relevant for landlords or building management companies related to high-rise safety and outcomes of the Grenfell report is available here.
View Tall Buildings and Grenfell
A graphic with a washing machine icon and register your appliance next to it above a bar code
Register your products
When you’re buying home appliances or electronics, online or from a store, it’s important you register your products with the manufacturer. It helps them to contact you if something’s wrong.
View Register your products