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Safety advice

Welcome to our safety advice page. We've got loads of safety tips, guidance and information to keep you safe at home, at work, on the road and out and about.

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Heatwave Safety

During a heatwave, there is an increased risk of incidents like fire, water rescue and health issues due to the hot weather. Check out our heatwave safety tips to reduce risk and stay safe during the summer.
Read more about Heatwave Safety

999 BSL - UK Emergency Video Relay Service

999 BSL connects users to British Sign Language interpreters through an app or a web-based platform. They will relay the conversation to the emergency service/s.
Read more about 999 BSL - UK Emergency Video Relay Service

Christmas Safety

Around Christmas, we have a range of safety information available to help you and your families stay safe during the festive season.
Read more about Christmas Safety

Safety advice for professionals and carers

Fire safety advice for professionals and carers who work with people with care and support needs.
Read more about Safety advice for professionals and carers

Tall Buildings and Grenfell

Information that may be relevant for landlords or building management companies related to high-rise safety and outcomes of the Grenfell report is available here.
Read more about Tall Buildings and Grenfell

Register your products

When you’re buying home appliances or electronics, online or from a store, it’s important you register your products with the manufacturer. It helps them to contact you if something’s wrong.
Read more about Register your products

First Aid

First aid can be crucial for saving someone's life in an emergency. Here's some basic first aid information that might help.
Read more about First Aid

Emergency SMS

If you can’t make voice calls, there’s an emergency SMS service you can use. You have to register before you can use it, so it's best to do that before you need it.
Read more about Emergency SMS

Dialling 999

You always hope that an emergency will never happen to you. But if it does, dialling 999 and knowing what to say or do is important.
Read more about Dialling 999


Sparklers can be fun if used safely, but they can burn at more than 1000 degrees so follow our tips to keep you and your family safe.
Read more about Sparklers
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