Experiential learning centre and interactive safety village for children, young people and adults



A unique safety and learning experience for children and adults alike

What is Safeside?

Our Safeside centre at Eastside provides experiential safety learning for children, young people and adults, designed and maintained to complement the current PSHE curriculum.


Our Eastside centre features our immersive, full-size indoor safety village. It has several scenarios including a bank, house, road, shop, police station and canal. It allows children to learn about real dangers, within a safe and controlled environment.

What’s on offer?

A variety of programmes that teach children, young people and adults about the fire service, life skills, personal safety, travel safety, good citizenship, road and car safety and staying safe in the home.

Our programmes

All Safeside programmes recognise that individuals learn in different ways.

Discussion through open questions that stimulate independent thought and problem-solving is very important.

Our Safeside centre offers a variety of education programmes for young people.

Each learning point is addressed through visual, auditory or kinaesthetic means. For example, visitors will discuss choosing safe routes to walk home but will also experience an unsafe route including sounds and darkness.

Our programmes address the real, evidence-based issues for the visitor group. The issues faced by primary school children about to move to secondary school are very different, for example, to those important for the parents and carers of the under-fives.

In general, we book tours for organised groups such as schools, nurseries, youth or special needs groups.

How to find us

Our address

Safeside at Eastside
101 Vauxhall Road
West Midlands
B7 4HW

Public Transport

For just BUS travel you can use the ‘Class Pass’ service to book discount travel within the West Midlands – for details see their website or email

For bus, train and Metro travel there is another ‘Class Pass’ scheme for discounted travel in the West Midlands – visit their website or call 0345 303 6760.

Our supporters

Safeside is run by West Midlands Fire Service, but we receive support from all these companies to make it possible.

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