Camping and caravans

Check out our tips on staying safe and enjoying yourself in the great outdoors!




Caravans are smaller and more confined than houses, with greater fire risks. It’s essential that you install a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm, and follow these precautions:

  • on a caravan site, find out what the fire-fighting arrangements are
  • never leave children alone in a caravan
  • a fully-charged water or dry powder fire extinguisher should be kept in the caravan near an exit door, and a fire blanket should be next to the cooking area
  • keep a torch handy for emergencies and never use candles
  • make sure everyone knows how to use escape windows and doors
  • keep gas cylinders outside the caravan, unless a specially-ventilated compartment is provided.


  • allow at least six metres (18ft) between tents
  • never use candles in or near a tent, always a torch
  • discourage smoking, especially in smaller tents
  • don‘t use cooking equipment in smaller tents
  • make sure everyone knows where the nearest phone is and, if applicable,  the nearest emergency fire point
  • be sure the cooker is stable, out of draughts and somewhere it won’t get knocked over
  • keep flammables (including long grass) away from the cooking area
  • avoid using liquid fuel appliances if possible
  • only change disposable gas cylinders when they’re completely empty
  • never leave a cooker, barbecue, fire, etc burning and unattended, including when you go to sleep.