Bio ethanol and gel fuel

There are no current European standards for bio ethanol and gel fuel burners, so our safety advice should be strictly followed.



Bio ethanol and gel fuel burners are used decoratively and as heating sources, both indoors and out. There are currently no European standards for these products, so safety advice should be strictly followed:

  • always follow manufacturers’ instructions and only use bio ethanol in fireboxes and containers designed for the product
  • bio ethanol is highly flammable and should be kept in tightly-closed containers, away from ignition sources
  • fireboxes and containers should always be placed on a stable surface, away from combustible materials
  • never add fuel to a burning fire, overfill a fuel container or fill up a firebox fuel container that’s still hot
  • keep children and pets away from fireboxes and fuel
  • regularly clean and check fuel containers for damage, never use a leaking one and always clean away any fuel spills with a damp cloth and dry completely
  • keep hands, hair and clothing well clear of any burning flames and fuel
  • always light bio ethanol fuel with an extended lighter or extra-long match, and never discard matches into the container.