Become a firefighter

Firefighters are ordinary people who do extraordinary things, helping to keep our communities safe.

Could you be a firefighter?

Firefighters are ordinary people who do extraordinary things - all for the benefit of their communities.

Traditionally, firefighters are seen as responding to fires and rescuing people.

But most of their time is actually dedicated to community fire safety activities, which we call ‘prevention’. The best way to fight fire is to stop it starting in the first place - mainly by educating and informing the public.

As a firefighter you’ll find yourself working with schools, community groups and other organisations. Being able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people is important. As is treating everyone with dignity and respect.

You’ll also need to support members of the public when they’re distressed and confused, show empathy, solve problems and use your initiative.

A firefighter and young boy bumping fists at a station open day

Essential Criteria

To become a West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) firefighter you must:

  • be at least 18 when you apply

  • live in the area we cover (postcode and proof of address will be required)

  • be physically fit to meet the requirements of the role.

If you have applied previously and been unsuccessful, you must wait 12 months before applying again.

What does the training course involve?

Watch our YouTube playlist where we follow trainee firefighter Course 04/2022 on their 8-week intensive training programme to become firefighters with West Midlands Fire Service
Find out more about training and development

The role of a firefighter

The role of a firefighter is exciting, varied and challenging. Every day is different. Their work falls into three key categories:


Our firefighters have a key part in educating our communities, to try to make everyone safer, stronger and healthier.

They spend a considerable amount of their day carrying our Safe and Well visits to vulnerable people’s homes, delivering safety sessions at schools and visiting local businesses to deliver our Safe and Strong service.

Find out more about prevention


Our protection work is all about making businesses and the economy stronger and our communities safer.

Our firefighters visit high-risk and tall buildings, including flats, hospitals, schools and vulnerable businesses to keep safe and reassure those who live, work or visit.
Find out more about protection


Our professional, full-time firefighters respond assertively, effectively and safely to a wide variety of incidents, 24/7.

Based on evidence and our knowledge of risk, we know that our five-minute attendance standard for serious incidents in high-risk areas saves lives, homes and businesses.

We have an excellent track record of increasing public safety and working with other agencies and organisations – all for the benefit of our communities.
Find out more about response

How to apply

So, if you like what you've read and think we're describing you, we want you to apply! 

We operate a rolling recruitment programme, running five trainee firefighter courses a year. We aim to recruit around 80 new firefighters annually to serve our communities.

If you’d like a new and exciting opportunity - and to make a real difference in your community - click the 'Apply to be a firefighter' button below to apply and start your journey!
Apply to be a firefighter

Have questions?

Visit our frequently asked questions
If you have any queries, please email
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