Firefighter Training and Development

Find out more about firefighter training and development and what to expect on the course.
We recognise that many people, particularly those from minority communities and women, experience inequality in society and the workplace. This is why we try to lead by example, taking individual and organisational steps to challenge prejudice and remove discrimination, and actively promoting a working environment which is conducive to good working relationships and which will ultimately benefit the communities we serve.

West Midlands Fire Service will not discriminate on any grounds that cannot be justified, including: disability, marital status, gender or gender reassignment, age, religion or belief, sexual orientation, maternity/paternity, race or trade union membership.

We will also ensure that appropriate resources and training will be allocated to ensure that managers and staff are aware of their professional and personal responsibilities to each other and to the public they serve.
Our commitment to the ‘Public Sector Duties’ under the Equality Act 2010 and our own Core Values underpin all decisions we take and all actions of our employees in all areas of work including recruitment, employment and service delivery.

All employees are bound by our Core Values, Code of Conduct and Dignity at Work policy.

We encourage employees to recognise that equality is not about treating everybody the same but recognising we are all individuals and unique in our own way. Equality and fairness are about recognising, accepting and valuing people’s unique individuality according to their needs. This often means that individuals may be treated differently, yet fairly, based on their needs.

For our full diversity policy and details on how we use positive action in our service, see our documents section for details.

Trainee Firefighters stood around an instructor being shown some equipment
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