Firefighter Training and Development

Find out more about firefighter training and development and what to expect on the course.


As a firefighter with West Midlands Fire Service, you’ll be on a journey of continuous learning, training and personal development.

After successfully completing the recruitment and selection process, you will get a date for your initial 12-week firefighter training course on which you’ll be expected to absorb a large amount of practical and theoretical information and material.

The practical side of the course focuses on using breathing apparatus, hoses, ladders, hydraulic rescue equipment, fire-fighting techniques, first aid and trauma management.

The theoretical side of the course involves a strong emphasis on the prevention work you’ll be doing, learning how we support the health agenda, first aid and trauma management and working with the most vulnerable members of our community.

The course is intensive, requiring dedication and commitment. Studying in your own time, at night and at weekends, must be expected. Your progress will be continually monitored and assessed, both practically and theoretically.

On successful completion of your initial training course you’ll be posted to a fire station. We’ll do our best to allocate you a station near to where you live. However, your contract will state that you must be prepared to serve anywhere within the area we cover. Once posted to a station, you’ll be developing the skills you have gained throughout your eight-week training course and you will continue to be assessed.

Trainee Firefighters stood around an instructor being shown some equipment