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Winter Water Safety

Winter is especially dangerous because of the temptation to play on ice formed over open water, rivers or canals. It's risky for everyone, but both children and pets are especially at risk, as well as adults who might attempt to rescue them.
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A frozen lake with snow on the bank

Boat safety

Often, advice for the home can apply to boat safety too, but there are some extra considerations for keeping safe on the water.
Read more about Boat safety
Several narrow boats moored on a canal


Flooding can happen anywhere. Our advice shows you what to do, at home or on the road, to stay as safe as possible.
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Water on the floor of a house due to flooding

Water safety

Water safety is really important, as a child or an adult. Whether it's on holiday abroad or around canals, lakes or other waterways.
Read more about Water safety
A park bench next to a lake
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