Fire safety

Fire Safety in business or commercial settings is an important part of our work in keeping the communities of the West Midlands safe. We can offer support and guidance to your business through these services.



What is fire safety?

We’re striving to keep West Midlands premises and venues safe from fire, so you can work in or visit them safely.

This part of our work involves ensuring that premises comply with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 designed to protect you from fire, such as:

  • your workplace (most workplaces, but with some exceptions)
  • your children’s nursery, school, college or university
  • a small corner shop or a massive retail complex
  • hotels and B&Bs, restaurant and takeaways, and leisure venues such as a gym, concert arena, theatre, cinema, theme park or zoo
    places of worship
  • a hostel, medical surgery or hospital, nursing or care home.

Two fire safety officers inspecting pipework at a property

Report a fire safety issue

We hope that all workplace, commercial, business and multiple residency premises’ owners and responsible persons will fully conform to their responsibilities under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO).

If you believe a premises does not meet these standards, you can report this to us and we will investigate.

In the event a fire safety issue is an immediate threat to life, please DO NOT complete this form. Dial 999 and report it to us immediately.

Fire Safety Issue Reporting Form
  • Let's get started
  • Who you are and type of premises
  • Your details
  • Premises and issue
  • Photographic evidence upload
  • The legal bit

If the issue you are reporting cannot wait until office hours to be dealt with OR if the issue presents an immediate risk to life or property DO NOT continue with this form. 

Dial 999 or 112 and report it to us immediately.

A partner or stakeholder could be a member of another emergency service, council, NHS or other partners.

Our fire safety team can only investigate issues in business, commercial or public property (e.g. hospitals or care homes).

If you are reporting an issue in a private domestic property (unless in a communal area, such as hallways in apartment blocks) we cannot assist with this and you should contact your local council or citizens advice for further guidance.

If you are in doubt or would like further advice, please contact 0121 380 7500 during office hours.

Please provide us with your contact information, we will only contact you about this matter if you give us permission by indicating a preferred contact method.

You can provide your details to us, but ask to remain anonymous to any other party, by indicating this below.

From this page on, you can save your progress if you wish and come back to it later.

This section is for you to provide details of the business or premises you are reporting and the nature of the issues.

You will be able to upload any images to support the issues you're reporting on the next form page.

You can select more than one, if applicable.

If you have any photos that would aid your report to us, you can upload up to 4 pictures here. 

The maximum file size per image is 8Mb. If for any reason you are unable to upload images, you can email them directly to - please include ref FS Ref 664b996a9d1ce in your subject line.

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessments are a legal requirement for workplaces.

We can’t complete a fire risk assessment for you, but we can provide advice and guidance.

Our fire risk assessment section of our website will help you learn who needs to do them, what they involve and the penalties if you fail to do them.

Find out more about Fire Risk Assessment
A fire safety officer holding some notes speaking to a shop staff member
A fire safety officer with a notebook assessing the outside of a small business

Fire safety resources for businesses

In addition to guidance around fire risk assessments, we also have a range of resources to help businesses to keep their premises, customers and staff safe from fire and other risks.

These include our Safe and Strong visits.

National guides and documents from the National Fire Chiefs Council and Fire Industry Association, guidance on fire doors and a range of frequently asked questions covering our most asked topics.

Fire safety resources for businesses

Our teams in Fire Safety

Our fire safety teams cover a range of areas, from licensing for explosives and petroleum to legal enforcement powers, where necessary. 

You can find out more about each team in our sections below.

A fire safety officer talking to a fireworks shop owner

Fire Safety Documentation

We have some key documents we refer to in our letters and documentation sent to responsible persons. For accessibility purposes, most of these documents are provided on our website in an electronic format linked in this section.

For any queries around documentation or letters you have received from us, please contact us.

You can call us on +441213807500

Email us:

Or write to us:
West Midlands Fire Service
99 Vauxhall Road
B7 4HW

Fire Safety: Appeals, Challenges and Complaints Procedure
A page / document detailing what you can do to appeal, challenge or complain regarding any action, decisions, advice or inaction we have taken related to Fire Safety.
Fire Safety – General Service Standards (Regulatory Functions)
Gives information and links to information regarding the Regulatory functions of the Fire and Rescue Authority (FRA)
Fire Safety Enforcement Policy Statement
File format: .pdf
File type: .pdf
Provides statement and guidance on the regulatory and enforcement function of the West Midlands Fire and Rescue Authority (the Service) and its appointed inspectors.