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Bonfires, either in the garden or at organised displays can be fun when enjoyed safely.
British Sign Language video for this safety page

We recommend always attending organised bonfires but, if you’re thinking of having a bonfire in your garden, please follow the safety advice below to make it as safe as possible:

  • always site bonfires well away from houses, garages, sheds, fences, trees and anything that could catch fire
  • build your bonfire carefully to ensure it won’t collapse to one side when lit
  • never use flammable liquids such as paraffin or petrol to light the fire
  • keep buckets of water or a hosepipe nearby in case of emergency – but call 999 immediately if the fire gets out of hand
  • keep people, especially children, away from the fire. If children are present, supervise them at all times
  • don’t burn foam-filled furniture, aerosols, bottles or paints
  • never leave a bonfire unattended
  • always pour water over embers to ensure they’re fully extinguished before leaving them.
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