Commercial training

We offer a range of professionally-led training courses for businesses and commercial premises. We can cover fire marshal training, fire risk assessments, use of fire extinguishers and more.



What we offer

Fire safety and first aid training are essential for any business, and at West Midlands Fire Service we provide a variety of professionally-led fire safety, first-aid, and petroleum safety training courses. We offer a variety of courses throughout the year that may be booked online. Some courses are 'on-demand' and we can schedule these to suit you and your employees.

Our fire safety courses are very popular, and we have various sessions available covering subjects like fire extinguisher training, fire risk assessment, managing fire safety and more. Our first-aid courses are also popular and cover key subjects such as emergency first aid at work, AED training and general first aid.

Our petroleum safety courses are designed for those working with or around petrol, diesel and other flammable liquids. The courses cover subjects like fire prevention, safe storage and handling of fuel, and how to deal with a fire if it does break out.

We can also offer bespoke training to organisations that require something customised to their specific requirements.

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First Aid Training

First aid skills are not only required by some work environments, but they are a great skill to have generally. We offer a variety of First Aid courses which are appropriate for small and large businesses as well as individuals.

Our First Aid courses are run on demand, so can be arranged to suit you.

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Petroleum Safety Courses

Companies and sites where petroleum is used or sold are required to have employees with appropriate training on the safety measures surrounding the distribution and sale of petroleum.

Our Petroleum Safety Courses offer a range of required skills and knowledge to give employers peace of mind that their staff are appropriately skilled to operate safely.

Petroleum Safety Courses are run on demand, so can be arranged to suit you.

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