Community Risk Management Plan

Our Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP) identifies and assesses all foreseeable risks which our communities may face.

Our Community Risk Management Plan explained

We work hard to identify and assess all foreseeable risks which our communities might face – from house fires and road traffic collisions, through to flooding and terrorism.

We use this information to shape our priorities and how we use the resources we have to reduce risk and vulnerability in our communities.

Our planning looks ahead three years and factors in the views and needs of our communities, our staff and the many other organisations with which we work.

Our Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP), which supports and informs Our Strategy 2024-2027 is a comprehensive framework aimed at making the West Midlands safer, stronger, and healthier. 

The CRMP is the culmination of extensive consultation and feedback from thousands of residents and workers across the region, reflecting our commitment to addressing the wide array of risks our communities face. 

From tackling house fires and road traffic collisions to mitigating the impacts of climate change and terrorism, the CRMP lays the foundation for our future direction. 

Coupled with Our Strategy, setting out 17 strategic goals that span across community risk reduction, people, enabling services, and value, we're set to deliver our services with an eye on efficiency, effectiveness, and inclusivity. 

This strategy is a testament to our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation, guided by a balanced scorecard approach to measure our progress transparently.

Our Community Risk Management Plan is available to download and view on this page.

Community Risk Management Plan
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Our Community Risk Management Plan, combined with Our Strategy 2024-2027, sets out blueprint for a safer, stronger, and healthier West Midlands, shaped by community input and designed for measurable impact.

Find out more about how we plan for the future in 'Our Strategy' and how we manage risk with our Risk Explorer tool.

Our Strategy
Our Strategy is a three-year rolling strategy, previously called 'Our Plan', which sets out how our goals and how we will measure and achieve them. 

Our strategic goals, based on our Community Risk Management Plan, is presented in four areas aligned to how we organise our service. 

These all contribute to our vision of making the West Midlands safer, stronger and healthier. Explore our new strategy via the button below.
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Risk Explorer
Data drives more and more of our work to make the West Midlands safer, stronger and healthier.

It helps us to understand risks across the areas we serve. We use it to create our Community Risk Management Plan and three-year rolling strategy.

Now, you, our communities, can explore some of this data yourself in our new 'Risk Explorer' tool!

All you need to do is enter your postcode, then you can explore and interact with the same data we use! You'll be able to see incidents to which we’ve responded near you, our response times, and even the different levels of risk for various emergency types. There’s also lots of handy demographic info, and you can turn different data on and off.
Check out our Risk Explorer for yourself!