Operation Hercules

Operation Hercules is a West Midlands Police led initiative, working with partners such as West Midlands Fire Service and local councils to address car cruising and street racing.



What the programme involves

Operation Hercules is a West Midlands Police (WMP) led initiative. Together, with West Midlands Fire Service and local authorities, it aims to deal with those involved in street racing and car cruising in the West Midlands.

Over the past few years, street racing and car cruising have become a major anti-social behaviour issue and resulted in major collisions that have caused serious injury and fatalities.

To help address these issues and make the streets of the West Midlands safer, we work with our partners to educate those involved and tackle this issue. To aid this education and prevention work, we've developed a diversionary course to educate the people who take part in this activity.

West Midlands Police gather intelligence identifying those who take part in these activities and they are requested to take part in the diversionary course to better understand the risks involved.

Get more information or book

This course is not bookable by the general public and is only available to those who have been asked to take part by West Midlands Police. 

Course surveys and feedback

If you’re already booked on to a course and have been asked to complete either the pre-course or post-course survey please click the relevant button below to be taken to the surveys. 

Pre-course SurveyPost-course survey

To provide any other feedback on your experience with Operation Hercules please contact rcrt@wmfs.net or call us on 03300589000 and ask to speak to a member of the team.

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