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We offer a range of services to the communities of the West Midlands to keep people, homes and businesses safe.
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Residential Fire Safety

Residential fire safety gives guidance around requirements for fire safety measures in multi-occupancy residential premises, high-rise blocks or buildings over 11 metres in height.
Read more about Residential Fire Safety
Two fire safety officers inspecting pipework at a property

Fire safety resources for businesses

Our fire safety resources for businesses page has safety information and guidance to help businesses keep their premises, customers and staff safe from fire and other risks.
Read more about Fire safety resources for businesses
A fire safety officer looking over building plans

Fire engineering

Our Fire Engineering team use their skills to assist in building, planning and using legislation to protect people, property and the environment from the effects of fire.
Read more about Fire engineering
A fire safety officer holding some notes speaking to a shop staff member

Fire Risk Assessment guidance

Fire Risk Assessments are a legal requirement for workplaces. We can’t complete a fire risk assessment for you, but we can provide advice and guidance.
Read more about Fire Risk Assessment guidance
Two fire safety officers inspecting pipework at a property

Fire safety

Fire Safety in business or commercial settings is an important part of our work in keeping the communities of the West Midlands safe. We can offer support and guidance to your business through these services.
Read more about Fire safety
Delegates being shown how to use a fire extinguisher on a fire

Commercial training

We offer a range of professionally-led training courses for businesses and commercial premises. We can cover fire marshal training, fire risk assessments, use of fire extinguishers and more.
Read more about Commercial training
A fire safety officer talking to a fireworks shop owner

Explosives licence

An explosives licence is a document that allows the holder to store and/or manufacture explosives. You can apply for a licence with us if it's for a premises in the West Midlands.
Read more about Explosives licence
A close up of a fuel pump nozzle in a car

Petroleum certificates

Petroleum certificates ensure that anyone dispensing petrol or storing it in significant amounts does so with a high level of regard for public safety and protection of the environment.
Read more about Petroleum certificates
A fire safety officer stood in a retail shop giving the owner advice

Safe and Strong

Safe and Strong visits by our firefighters help businesses and other organisations keep their staff, residents, visitors and buildings safe from fire.
Read more about Safe and Strong
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