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Safety Categories
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A collection of generic small AA rechargeable batteries
Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
Discover essential safety tips for handling and charging lithium-ion batteries in your household devices. Learn how to prevent fires and ensure safe use with our comprehensive guide.
View Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
A smart meter home monitor with a fire in the background
Cost of Living – Stay Fire Safe
As the cost of living increases, we've put together some top tips to help you stay fire safe while you're trying to reduce the cost of heating or lighting your home.
View Cost of Living – Stay Fire Safe
A professional carer talking to an elderly gentleman
Safety advice for professionals and carers
Fire safety advice for professionals and carers who work with people with care and support needs.
View Safety advice for professionals and carers
A graphic with a washing machine icon and register your appliance next to it above a bar code
Register your products
When you’re buying home appliances or electronics, online or from a store, it’s important you register your products with the manufacturer. It helps them to contact you if something’s wrong.
View Register your products
A person carrying a small plastic petrol can with a card in the background
Petrol storage at home
While you can store petrol at home, there are strict rules and safety guidelines you should follow.
View Petrol storage at home
Several cigarettes in an ash tray with one still lit
Smoking at home can be risky, especially if cigarettes are left unattended. Stay safe by following our tips.
View Smoking
A small lit candle on a table infront of blurred out lights.
Candle safety
Candles may be beautiful and soothing, but they are flames and need to be handled with care.
View Candle safety
Close up of an open fire with wood burning
Chimneys and open fires
Whether it's a chimney or an open fire it's important to keep it clean and use it safely to prevent fires or other accidents.
View Chimneys and open fires
Close up of a laptop, tablet and mobile phone stacked together
Electrical safety
We all have lots of electronic goods in our homes. But using them safely is vital to reduce the risk of fire in your home or workplace.
View Electrical safety
A firefighter holding a carbon monoxide monitor up to the camera
Carbon monoxide
Carbon Monoxide - You can’t see it, taste or smell it – but it can kill you quickly, with no warning.
View Carbon monoxide