Biker Down

Biker Down is a free scene safety and first aid course given to individuals and groups organised by our Road Casualty Reduction Team. To find out more about what the course involves and book your place, scroll on down!

What the programme involves

 Incident scene management
A presentation from the FireBike team, on-scene management and personal safety for a biker happening upon a crash involving a fellow biker.

 Casualty care
This module is delivered by qualified life support instructors from WMFS with motorcycle first aid-specific expertise, covering; trauma and mechanism of injury, snatch rescues, why when and how, basic life support, CPR, managing spinal injuries and crash helmet removal – when and how.

 The science of being seen
During this session the attendees receive instruction and advice on conspicuity – how effective is high-vis? This talk also covers phenomena such as ‘motion camouflage’ and ‘looming’, as well as tips on what you can do to be seen without the need to cover yourself head to foot in luminous yellow!

This module is delivered by any of the educators on Survival Skills Motorcycle Training who is an advanced instructor and widely experienced as both an author of several motorcycling books and as a lead rider, regularly leading parties of bikers, both in this country and abroad.

As bikers tend to ride in groups or pairs, it is usually the case that when one is involved in an accident the first person on the scene will be a fellow biker.

Many clubs and groups discuss the need for the training of riders in how to deal with a crashed biker. Injured motorcyclists need to be dealt with in a specific manner by a first aider due to the type of injuries possibly suffered and the issues of helmet removal. The following sets out the 3 sections of the sessions delivered FREE of charge to anybody who would like the training but primarily to a motorcyclist.

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Find out more or register

To register for the course, or to find out more, please complete the short form below and a member of our team will be in touch. You can also follow us on social media –  bikerdownwmfs

Course surveys

If you’re already booked on to a course and have been asked to complete either the pre-course or post-course survey, you can find these on the links below.

 Pre-course survey

 Post-course survey

To provide any other feedback on your experience with Biker Down please contact or call us on 03300 589 000 and ask to speak to a member of the team.