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This policy details our compliance with accessibility standards for documents published on our website.
Safeguarding is the term used to describe all work to help children, young people and adults with care and support needs to stay safe from abuse and neglect and, wherever possible, to prevent or limit the risk of that harm.
Fire and Rescue Authorities must provide annual assurance on financial, governance and operational matters and show how they have had due regard to the expectations set out in their Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP) and the requirements included in the Framework.
This policy sets the direction for WMFS’ learning and development by supporting continuous learning and improvement enabling us to meet the needs of our staff and communities.
The policy that governs employees engaging in employment outside of West Midlands Fire Service
The purpose of this Policy is to provide a formal way for the Service to manage unacceptable or improper conduct.
The procedure allows employees to raise grievances relating to their employment and makes sure that they are dealt with fairly, consistently and speedily.
Excerpt from Mobilising Policy that relates to handling of automatic fire alarms
This policy covers pregnancy & maternity Leave, paternity leave, adoption leave, and shared parental leave and pay.
West Midlands Fire Service Whistle Blowing Policy.
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