Boat safety

Often, advice for the home can apply to boat safety too, but there are some extra considerations for keeping safe on the water.



Although not common in the West Midlands, boat fires do happen on open water and canals in the region. Often, the same safety advice for the home will apply on a boat, so do make sure you visit our home safety area, too.

Here are some extra safety tips especially for boats:

  • fit a gas and petrol vapour detector alarm in the bilge, and even in the cabin space, to give you early warnings of dangerous build-ups of explosive gases
  • before you go to bed or leave the boat, check all appliances are turned off and, if possible, close the valve on the LPG cylinders
  • always know your location so you can tell us where you are in an emergency
  • refuel outboard engines or generators well away from the boat where possible
  • take care when refuelling – ensure you turn off the engine and any cooking before handling fuel
  • fit a CO alarm to alert you to poisonous carbon monoxide, ensuring it’s suitable for marine use and meets the EN50291-2 standard.

For more advice around boat fire safety routines, maintenance, electrical safety and carbon monoxide, go to