Countryside fire safety

Take a look at our tips on preventing fire in the countryside.



Fire destroys thousands of acres of countryside, open space and wildlife habitat every year. Sadly, many of these fires are started deliberately but, by following a few simple precautions, many others can be prevented:

  • dispose of smoking materials responsibly and make sure they’re completely out. Never throw them to the ground or out of vehicle windows
  • ideally, never have an open fire in the countryside
  • don’t leave camp fires or barbecues unattended, and extinguish them properly after use
  • clear away bottles, glasses and any broken glass to prevent them magnifying the sun’s rays and starting a fire
  • Flames aren’t games – explain to children the personal and environmental dangers of playing with fire
  • if fire breaks out, call 999 immediately. Be clear about your location, mention any landmarks – perhaps a church or pub – and, if phoning from a phone box, stay nearby so you can direct the fire engines to the scene
  • if you can do so safely, prepare for the arrival of firefighters at a pre-arranged meeting point by unlocking gates, etc
  • don’t attempt to fight the fire yourself unless it is very small and can be put out with a bucket of water – grass and crop fires can travel very quickly.

The Countryside Code is designed to help us all to respect, protect and enjoy our countryside.

For more information on The Countryside Code, the government website has all the details.

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