We are... so excited to be launching our new ‘We Are WMFS’ campaign!

West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) provides a vast range of services as we work to make our communities safer, stronger and healthier.

But we can only do it thanks to our fantastic people – their professionalism and their quiet pride in a job well done.

So it’s our staff who we want to celebrate through ‘We Are WMFS’.

From Monday 18 September 2023, on our social media channels, we’ll be sharing some great new imagery - photos and video – of our colleagues across WMFS.

We’ll be using our new social media hashtag, #WeAreWMFS, and introducing our brand new logo to our communities.

‘We Are WMFS’ is all about our brilliant colleagues. Their expertise. Their dedication. Their compassion. It’s also about the difference they make, every day, to people’s lives.

There’s so much fantastic work taking place across WMFS, and we want to celebrate it!
If you have questions about us, our 'We Are WMFS' campaign, or anything else - reach out on our contact page.
Got questions about our campaign?
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