Our pedestrian safety gives tips, particularly for parents, on how to keep you and your child safe when on foot.



Children are most at risk of being killed or seriously injured on the roads when they’re on foot. Good road safety behaviour can be learnt from a very early age. You can help by:

  • setting a good example
  • holding hands with your child as you cross the road
  • always finding the safest place to cross
  • stop, look and listen before crossing
  • take time to teach your child how to cross safely
  • ‘Tales of the Road: A highway code for young road users’‘ is a great resource to start discussions about road safety with your children.

For more information on family and children road safety, Brake, the road safety charity, have this great page.

Pedestrian distractions

Distractions contribute to a large number of road injuries for pedestrians:

  • stop, look and listen before you cross the road
  • take your headphones off or out before crossing
  • don’t use your phone to make calls or look at the screen whilst crossing
  • always cross at designated crossings.