Advice for cyclists to keep you safe, whether on the road, or in the great outdoors!



Always wear a cycle helmet that is correctly fitted, secured and conforms to current safety standards. Avoid buying a second-hand helmet that might be damaged or previously involved in an accident.

Wearing a helmet won’t prevent a crash but it will protect your head, significantly reducing the risk of fatal or serious injury.

Be Bright, Be Seen
Wearing bright clothing, preferably something fluorescent and reflective when cycling, will help other road users to see you.

It’s illegal to cycle at night without lights. Ensure you have the appropriate lights and reflectors on your bike and that they are in good working order. Test your lights before setting off on each ride.

Further Training
There are lots of initial and further training courses available for cyclists in the West Midlands. Bike Right offer cycling skills tuition, maintenance courses and facilitate led rides.

BikeRadar website logo
BikeRadar UK provides some great safety videos on how to look after, service and maintain your bike.

We’ve linked to some of the key ones here: