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From protective personal equipment to general road safety, there's considerations all motorcyclists should have when on the road.
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Some of the most common reasons for collisions involving motorbikes include:

Bends on country roads – reduce your speed before the bend so you have more room to manoeuvre

Junctions – this can be down to a driver failing to give way, to stop or misjudging your speed. Always anticipate and consider how you would deal with a vehicle unexpectedly pulling out in front of you.

Overtaking – overtaking requires skill, judgement and a good knowledge of your bike’s acceleration capacity. Snap decisions to overtake can be dangerous. Don’t overtake when approaching bends, junctions, lay-bys, crossings, hills or dips in the road or where signs/road markings prohibit you from doing so.

Loss of control – mainly due to two reasons: shunts, caused by riding too close to the vehicle in front, or the vehicle behind you being too close; failing to adjust your riding to deal with the different road conditions.

For more detailed advice on motorcycle safety, visit Brake charity.

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Whatever your age or riding experience, everyone can benefit from extra training to improve their safety on the road. It can improve skills, refresh knowledge and boost confidence.

We offer a FREE three-hour ‘Biker Down’ course on accident scene management, first aid for motorcyclists and the science of being seen. Find out more about Biker Down in the West Midlands.

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