Escape plan

Having a smoke alarm is the first crucial step to protecting yourself from fire. But what would you do if it went off during the night?



A well-practised escape plan could be a life-saver if you have a fire.

Make sure you have an escape plan involving everyone who lives in your home and share the plan with any visitors.

This means everyone will know what to do if there’s an emergency. It’s also useful to practice your escape plan, especially with young children, so they understand what they need to do.

Our video on this section covers the important information, but here are some top tips to keep you safe:

  • the best escape route is the normal way in and out of your home
  • make sure everyone knows where your door and window keys are kept.
  • think of any difficulties you may have getting out, e.g. at night you may need a torch
  • keep the route and exits clear of obstructions
  • think about how children, older or disabled people or pets will get out
  • choose a second escape route, in case your first choice is blocked.
  • NEVER be tempted to tackle a fire yourself, however small it appears. ALWAYS get out, stay out, call 999.