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Smart Choices

Smart Choices aims to bring your PSHE curriculum to life through interactive and practical learning across different areas of our Safeside safety village, located at Eastside.

Programme Overview

What the programme for?

This life-like setting includes a road crossing, bus, train, canal, house, alleyway, police station and street scene. Our revised programme comprises of a full day visit in which the children will experience four zones exploring the themes of road, water, fire, electrical and personal safety and are guided through activities and experiences by our team of staff and volunteer safety advisers.

The children are encouraged to think for themselves, learn about the possible consequences of actions and build the confidence to make Smart Choices in different life situations.

Programme focus areas

Personal safety and good citizenship

Programme duration

5.25 hrs

The programmes are run from 09:30-14:45

When is the programme available?

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Pupil numbers

20 minimum
30 maximum


£6.50 per pupil within the West Midlands

£10.00 per pupil outside of West Midlands

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