Our Plan 2023-2026
Four circles with icons representing protection activities we carry out.


Protecting life and property to make businesses stronger and communities safer.

Our protection work is all about protecting life and property, making businesses and the economy stronger, and communities safer.

We inspect high-risk and tall buildings, including residential flats, hospitals, schools and vulnerable businesses, to keep safe and reassure the people who live and work there.

We also advise companies on fire safety legislation, to keep their staff and customers safe and help their businesses to grow. Where necessary we can go further and take enforcement action, including prosecution where we feel the risk is significant.

Illustration of a church, factory and shop
Illustration of a hospital and a school

In 2022/23 we carried out 8,510 ‘Safe and Strong’ visits, giving advice to businesses about fire prevention and protecting staff, buildings and contents.
Our specialist fire safety inspectors are supported by our fire safety advisors and firefighters.

Illustration of fire safety officers
Illustration of a fire alarm and alarm ringing
Illustration of a business support vehicle

Our Business Support Vehicles help to bring down the number of unnecessary fire alarms and the disruption they cause. This is complemented by our staff in Fire Control using a system known as ‘call challenge’ to check whether we need to respond, or if it’s a false alarm.

Our Strategic Priorities for Protection

We will:

  • Protect our communities by targeting high-risk buildings through intelligence and data.

  • Promote economic growth through education and engagement with businesses.

  • Carry out our responsibilities under relevant legislation to consult and enforce to make people safer.

  • Reduce disruption to businesses and communities of West Midlands.

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