Stronger businesses and safer communities

Our protection work is focused on helping businesses to thrive, making the West Midlands stronger.

We assess high-risk buildings including residential high-rises to ensure public safety and provide reassurance about the risks of fire. We also advise companies how best to comply with fire safety legislation, to keep staff and customers safe.

If the worst does happen, and they still have a fire, we help them to get back up and running as soon as possible. We’re a large organisation ourselves and know the importance of business continuity.

Our protection priorities focus on creating stronger businesses and safer communities:

  • we will ensure high risk buildings including residential high rise, are assessed to ensure public safety and provide reassurance from the risks of fire
  • we will ensure businesses become safer from fire through interaction with our people delivering integrated prevention, protection and response services
  • we will enhance economic growth by providing clear advice and flexible support in collaboration with other regulators and partner agencies
  • we will utilise an evidence-based approach to risk reduction to enable effective engagement with the most vulnerable businesses and members of the community
  • we will reduce the impact of Automatic Fire Alarms, to minimise unnecessary disruption and costs to businesses, other organisations and our communities.

How low can we go?

In 2017/18 we recorded our lowest ever number of accidental fires in non-domestic properties, at 418.

Non-domestic fires block
Fire safety first

We attended just short of 5,300 false alarms caused by fire alarm systems. It sounds a lot, but this was also the lowest number we’ve ever recorded.

False alarms protection

Protection Case Studies

Prevention plan case study 1 Prevention plan case study 2

It’s our business to help businesses and other organisations keep their staff, residents, visitors and buildings safe from fire.

We do our very best to give clear advice, and to identify where improvements can be made.

In the most serious instances we take enforcement action – 17 such cases in 2017/18. It’s a last resort, but necessary if lives are in danger.

Criminal law books

Business Support Vehicles

Fire alarms going off when there’s no fire can cost your business money.

They can also mean our firefighters responding unnecessarily when they might be needed for a real emergency somewhere else.

We have three vehicles and a team dedicated to bringing down the number of ‘unwanted fire signals’ from automatic fire alarms, through business engagement, education and support.

Modern-Day Slavery

Modern-day slavery (MDS) can involve people being held in dangerous, fire-trap conditions.

We’ve been involved in a number of multi-agency operations to combat the issue here in the West Midlands.

We also provide an online learning package to help our staff spot the signs of MDS and how to respond if they do.

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