Weather-related incidents

Incidents responded to by our firefighters related to Storm Eunice, today.



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Published on 18 February 2022

Our firefighters have responded to a number of incidents related to Storm Eunice today (Friday 18 February).

The list of incidents below was last updated at 20:00

Our fire control, which serves the West Midlands and Staffordshire, took more than 100 weather-related calls.

These included several for other fire and rescue services.

When a fire control room is experiencing high call volumes, BT distribute the calls to other controls across the country for them to assess the severity.

The most severe incidents – where life or property is at risk – are passed back to the original fire control, using lines dedicated for critical incidents.

Today’s extra calls came in from areas including London, Thames Valley, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire.Images featured can be used by media outlets provided full credit is given to ‘West Midlands Fire Service’.

Total of West Mids weather calls taken by our fire control:

Total of incidents attended by our fire crews:

09:08Park Street, Oldbury

Loose glass roof panels on factory unit. Firefighters used an aerial platform to remove them and cordoned off the area for safety.10:48Shell Corner Trading Estate, Blackheath

20ft-high wall collapsed on to five units. No-one hurt.12:42Platts Road, Stourbridge

Large shop sign hanging dangerously near passing traffic. Firefighters lowered it to safety.13:16Frederick Neal Avenue, Coventry

House roof has blown into road and on to cars. Firefighters removed the remaining loose tiles and cleared debris.13:23Uplands Drive, Sedgley

Firefighters secured shed roof.13:28Cockshut Hill, Sheldon

Hanging ridge tiles safely removed from house by firefighters.13:38Poplars Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham

Loose roof sheeting on cinema building.13:43Birmingham Road, Sutton Coldfield

A large LED sign was a danger so dismantled and removed by firefighters.14:17Corporate Street, Coventry

Glass balcony on 6th floor of building had become loose. Firefighters secured the balcony.14:58Evelyn Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham

Corrugated roof hanging precariously. Firefighters and our technical rescue teams are using an aerial platform and working-at-height gear to remove damaged roof sections.14:59Sports Hall, University of Birmingham

Loose 20ft piece of copper cladding. Its weight meant we were unable to remove it safely. Area cordoned off by university staff.17:18Moseley Road, Digbeth, Birmingham

Large, unstable steel sign 20ft above pavement. Firefighters put safety cordon in place and liaised with owner.16:54Yorkdale Close, Lower Gornal

45ft unstable tree with crack in trunk. Firefighters put safety cordon in place. Incident left with council.18:07Gas Street Basin, central Birmingham

Firefighters removed a window from the third storey of a building after it was spotted in a precarious state.