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Image of our crest with the areas we cover written in partly transparent text in the background
7 July 2023
An inquest into the deaths of four boys who ventured onto a frozen West Midlands lake has been held in Birmingham on 7 July. Statements from all three emergency services, following the inquest, have been issued.
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3 July 2023
A series of incidents at Sutton Park has prompted West Midlands Fire Service to call for communities to be vigilant against deliberate fire setting.
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Hana in her home, taken from behind cameras filming her interview
19 May 2023
Learn how a Ladywood mother, Hana, praises the effectiveness of the sprinkler system that saved the lives of her family after a fire broke out in their tenth-floor flat.
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Close up of frozen water on the surface of a lake with an embankment in the distance
16 December 2022
The rescue of the woman and dog has prompted the two fire and rescue services to urge dog walkers to keep their pets on leads and not let them stray on to ice.
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Image of our crest with the areas we cover written in partly transparent text in the background
12 December 2022
We are deeply saddened by the deaths of three boys who were rescued by our firefighters yesterday (Sun 11 Dec) from a lake in Solihull
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A firefighter holding a hole reel jet extinguishing a grass fire
16 August 2022
After a busy weekend heatwave for our firefighters, Fire Control staff and support teams, we prepare for thunderstorms across the region.
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A thermometer showing nearly 40 degrees against a blue sky
19 July 2022
We've seen a significant increase in calls to weather-related incidents over the last few days as the Country is hit by a close to recording-breaking heatwave
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Flames amid rubbish in a skip
13 July 2022
Cause sparks heatwave warning from West Mids Fire Service: 'Take extra care with BBQ coals'
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Firefighters stand in front of a fire engine outside Molineux
15 June 2022
Wolves fans are being urged to sign up for a free Safe and Well visit after their home Molineux Stadium was hit by fire earlier this year
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