I’m concerned about fire safety somewhere, how can I report this?



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If you have concerns about fire safety at a premise you have visited, stayed at, or observed you can report it to us.

If the matter involves a genuine immediate risk to life, please dial 999 and ask for the fire service – an immediate risk to life would be a situation whereby a lack of fire safety would result in serious injury or death imminently if no action is taken.

If it is not urgent but needs to be investigated, please complete a fire safety referral. This will give us all the details we need to investigate the matter, and if we need further information, we can get in touch with you using the details you provide us.

Examples of non-urgent but matters that need our attention, but are not immediate life risks would be:

  • shops or hotels regularly blocking fire escapes
  • nightlife premises allowing more people than its safe capacity
  • rubbish blocking fire escapes
  • parking that blocks emergency vehicle access
  • communal areas in flats blocked.