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We offer a range of services to the communities of the West Midlands to keep people, homes and businesses safe.



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Road Casualty Reduction Team van with our fire bike parked in front of it.
Biker Down
Biker Down is a free scene safety and first aid course given to individuals and groups organised by our Road Casualty Reduction Team.
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Delegates being shown how to use a fire extinguisher on a fire
Commercial training
We offer a range of professionally-led training courses for businesses and commercial premises. We can cover fire marshal training, fire risk assessments, use of fire extinguishers and more.
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Firefighter giving a presentation to a group of school children
Education downloads area
All of the materials used by teachers for our various programmes are available to download here.
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Every Choice Counts course by our Road Casualty Reduction Team at a school
Every Choice Counts
The ‘Every Choice Counts’ road safety presentation, aimed at young people, is designed to raise awareness and create a better understanding of being a responsible driver or passenger when travelling in a vehicle.
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A fire safety officer talking to a fireworks shop owner
Explosives licence
An explosives licence is a document that allows the holder to store and/or manufacture explosives. You can apply for a licence with us if it's for a premises in the West Midlands.
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4 Fire cadets in uniform using a water hose
Fire Cadets
Fire Cadets is a National uniformed cadet group. West Midlands Fire Service have 8 branches across the West Midlands area.
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A fire safety officer looking over building plans
Fire engineering
Our Fire Engineering team use their skills to assist in building, planning and using legislation to protect people, property and the environment from the effects of fire.
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A water hydrant sign
Fire hydrants
Our hydrant team are responsible for ensuring the hydrants in the West Midlands are operating correctly. If they aren't you need to let us know.
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A fire safety officer holding some notes speaking to a shop staff member
Fire Risk Assessment guidance
Fire Risk Assessments are a legal requirement for workplaces. We can’t complete a fire risk assessment for you, but we can provide advice and guidance.
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Two fire safety officers inspecting pipework at a property
Fire safety
Fire Safety in business or commercial settings is an important part of our work in keeping the communities of the West Midlands safe. We can offer support and guidance to your business through these services.
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Two fire safety officers inspecting pipework at a property
Fire safety resources for businesses
Our fire safety resources for businesses page has safety information and guidance to help businesses keep their premises, customers and staff safe from fire and other risks.
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Firefighters using a hose reel to spray water on a fork lift truck
Incident report
We all hope the worst doesn’t happen, but sometimes when it does, an insurance company, landlord or other agency may require an incident report (sometimes called a Fire Report).
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A sports car speeding down a road
Operation Hercules
Operation Hercules is a West Midlands Police led initiative, working with partners such as West Midlands Fire Service and local councils to address car cruising and street racing.
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A close up of a fuel pump nozzle in a car
Petroleum certificates
Petroleum certificates ensure that anyone dispensing petrol or storing it in significant amounts does so with a high level of regard for public safety and protection of the environment.
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Picture of the Rotunda in Birmingham against a blue sky
Residential Fire Safety
Residential fire safety gives guidance around requirements for fire safety measures in multi-occupancy residential premises, high-rise blocks or buildings over 11 metres in height.
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A fire safety officer stood in a retail shop giving the owner advice
Safe and Strong
Safe and Strong visits by our firefighters help businesses and other organisations keep their staff, residents, visitors and buildings safe from fire.
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A firefighter talking through our Safe and Well booklet with a home owner
Safe and Well
Safe and Well visits are an important part of our prevention activity. They enable us to advise and educate on safety at home, with a particular focus on our most vulnerable residents.
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The Safeside sign on the front of the building
Experiential learning centre and interactive safety village for children, young people and adults
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A firefighter pointing to a presentation during a school visit
Schools and education
Educating our communities' young people is an important part of what we do as a service.
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Water rescue personnel in a boat on a river
Technical Rescue
Technical Rescue deals with incidents that require additional equipment and training outside the remit of standard firefighting, this can include water rescue, rope rescue, response to terrorist threats and more.
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Children being taught about road safety by a firefigher
Youth services
Every day we carry out a range of activities with young people to ensure safer, stronger and healthier communities.
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