We put out fires… offer Safe and Well checks for the vulnerable… free people from the wrecks of vehicles involved in crashes… help keep business premises fit for purpose… provide emergency response during flooding… and a fair few other things besides!

Our award-winning work in the health sector is expanding. You might not be aware of what we already do helping the elderly and the vulnerable, some of which we’re commissioned to do by other organisations. From responding to reports via telecare systems of elderly people falling at home, to doing home checks before people leave hospital, our firefighters are saving lives in new, innovative ways.

If you’re looking for professional training on fire safety, fire behaviour, first aid or emergency response driving, you’re in the right place. Our training teams offer a wide range of courses at competitive rates, delivered by experts and sharing the skills our frontline crews use every day.

We also offer a wide range of services for children and young people, ranging from school viists and lessons, to fire cadets and young firefighter courses, plus a host of courses for youngsters of all ages at our interactive Safeside learning centres. These are all tailored to the particular audience.

Looking to sell or store petrol or explosives, including fireworks? Have a look at our licensing section where you can buy or renew your licence online (in most cases).

There’s also our Fire Engineering team, who offer expert advice on proposed new buildings. Their technical scrutiny supports Fire Safety Officers to make decisions on building applications, and they may be able to support you, too.