UKRO Festival of Rescue announcement and website launch!

UKRO Festival of Rescue website launches today alongside our announcement that we are hosting the festival in Birmingham later this year.



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Published on 11 May 2022

West Midlands Fire Service will host the festival later this year in Birmingham

West Midlands Fire Service will be hosting the UK’s biggest and most prestigious rescue competition from September 29th – October 1st 2022, and communities from across the region are invited to come and see the show!

The United Kingdom Rescue Organistion (UKRO) “Festival of Rescue” will see expert fire crews from across the UK come to the West Midlands to test their skills across a variety of challenging scenarios.

Teams will compete to be the best at vehicle extrication, rope rescue from height, water rescue, trauma care and urban search and rescue from collapsed structures.

West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) are also pleased to be introducing a new challenge for 2022 – The UK Firefighter Fitness Challenge.

The announcement is accompanied by the launch of a new UKRO 2022 website, which will include information about the event, including how to get involved.

Members of the public will be able to watch all the action across the two days up close, learning more about the skills and equipment used and cheering on their local station teams.

A close up of two firefighters using holmatro cutting equipment

Chief Fire Officer Phil Loach said, “Hosting the UKRO Festival of Rescue is a huge honour, and I’m delighted that West Midlands Fire Service will be welcoming our colleagues from around the country to see everything out region has to offer.

We want this to be the biggest and best competition yet, as well as the most interactive. Not only will you be able to watch the events in person, but we’ll be using technology to ensure everyone can take part online.

Apart from being an exciting visual spectacle, the event is also an opportunity to demonstrate the vital rescue capabilities of the UK FRS. Although many people will understand our firefighting role, fire incidents are fortunately reducing, while rescue and ‘special service’ calls are increasing and now make up a bigger proportion of the total incidents we respond to.”

West Midlands Fire and Rescue Authority Chair Councillor Greg Brackenridge said “I’m really pleased that we will be playing host to the competition and look forward to cheering on the WMFS teams from across the West Midlands.”

The UKRO rescue challenges will take place in central Birmingham and the event will be free for the public to attend across the two days.

WMFS will also be hosting warm-up events during a “Summer of Rescue” on fire stations across the West Midlands as part of station open days. More information on these will also appear on the UKRO 2022 website soon.

UKRO Festival of Rescue 2022 Logo


Find out more about the festival of rescue by visiting our dedicated website.

You can also see announcements and other exciting news about the Festival of Rescue on Twitter by following @UKRO2022

The first of our warm-up events is being held this Saturday at Sutton Coldfield Fire Station. Check out our news item about the Sutton Coldfield open day.