UK International Search and Rescue (UK ISAR) successfully achieves reclassification

UK International Search and Rescue (UK ISAR) earned reclassification through a rigorous live exercise in Geneva, Switzerland after their exceptional performance in a 36-hour earthquake scenario.



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Published on 30 November 2023

"Every member of UK ISAR should be incredibly proud of the work this team does"

UK International Search and Rescue (UK ISAR) members have successfully achieved reclassification after a three-day live exercise in Geneva, Switzerland.

The team achieved top marks in 160 areas, with several areas of best practice recognised. Assessors graded the team against an extensive 164-item checklist.

They were scrutinised on their response and technical skills, with the exercise modelled on a continuous 36-hour live earthquake scenario that mirrored a real-life disaster.

The grading was completed by the United Nations International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG).

INSARAG, was created in 1991 and brings together a network of disaster-responding countries and organisations dedicated to urban search and rescue- following major disasters.

UKISAR members from 14 Fire and Rescue Services across the UK were part of the exercise, including twelve volunteers from the West Midlands.

Rob Norman

UK ISAR Team Co-Ordinator and Station Commander

The ongoing support from across the service, but also from our families enables us to deploy anywhere in the world, to assist others in times of disaster. Whether it was part of this exercise or any of our three international deployments this year, every member of UK ISAR should be incredibly proud of the work this team does, just as I am equally proud of each and every one of them.
WMFS members of the UKISAR team stood together with their reclassification certificate.
The UKISAR team members all stood together in a semi-circle