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Published on 15 November 2022

Many ‘missing millions’ likely to be in West Mids homes

As many as 100 million household appliances could be unregistered across the UK, putting homes in potential danger.

That’s why West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) is urging people to make use of a FREE service, so items like washing machines, cookers and items don’t slip off the safety radar.

WMFS is supporting the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliance’s (AMDEA) call to register appliances this Product Safety Week (14-17 November).

You can register small and large appliances, whether they’re new, second-hand or ‘inherited’ when you moved home. It means you’ll receive important safety updates if the manufacturers identify an issue.

Group Commander Dave Boucher of WMFS said: “There are more than 200 million appliances in UK homes, helping with everything from cooking to cleaning, washing dishes to keeping our food fresh. Yet nearly half of people have never registered a product. That means the owners of 100 million appliances might never find out about safety recalls.

“Taking a few minutes to register appliances, whether you own them or they’re in somewhere you rent, means manufacturers can alert you to safety alerts and arrange for free safety advice or repairs.”


A washing machine in the middle of a kitchen, with fire damage to its top and door area

To register an item, you often don’t need proof of purchase but will be asked for:  

  • its model number or name 
  • the serial number (usually on the back or side of items, or the original box) 
  • the rough date you got it, and sometimes the price 
  • your contact details. 

In late October, West Midlands firefighters responded to a washing machine on fire (pictured) in a house in Oldbury. Three years before, the model had been recalled by the manufacturer because of a risk of fire. 

Fortunately, no-one was hurt. Our crews arrived just three minutes after being mobilised, and had put the fire out 10 minutes later. But the whole house was filled with smoke.

To reduce the risk of something similar happening in your home, visit this page on our website or head over to to start registering.