Northfield firefighters heading to Lanzarote for World Rescue Challenge

The World Rescue Challenge begins on Monday 16 October.



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Published on 11 October 2023

Two firefighters are set to represent West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) at this year’s World Rescue Challenge (WRC).

Andrew Connolly and Lee Renenhan will compete in the six-day event in Lanzarote against teams from across the world, including groups from the UK, Australia, Brazil and America.

The event, which also includes professional development workshops, sees competitors tested in several ‘real life’ trauma and extrication scenarios.

The duo have competed at previous WRC events and regularly take part in the UK Festival of Rescue, which was hosted in 2022 by WMFS.

They travel to Lanzarote well-prepared, having enhanced their trauma skills by conducting several exercises with blue watch crewmates at Northfield station.

Andrew Connolly and Lee Renenhan ahead of the World Trauma Challenge, Lanzorote.

Lee Renenhan


There's a lot to be said for sharing knowledge but to do it in an environment like this will be really rewarding

Speaking ahead of the event, James Rottenbury, Station Manager at Northfield Fire Station said: “We’re incredibly proud to see Andrew and Lee competing in the World Trauma Challenge for WMFS again this year.

“After doing so well at these events in Spain, Ireland and Germany in the past, we’re hopeful that they can show their skills in the best light possible in Lanzarote next week.

“Andrew and Lee finished 2nd and 4th in previous events and we’re all hoping to see them go one better and finish first this time around! They’ve been working hard in practice and we can’t wait to see how they get on.”

Lee Renenhan, Firefighter at Northfield Station said: “We’re looking forward to the challenge of competing in Lanzarote next week.

“As well as the events, we’re looking forward to the workshops and meeting other international firefighters and personnel who will be there as well.”

We wish them both the best of luck.