Warehouse fire, New Summer Street, Hockley, Birmingham

Over 60 firefighters are tackling a blaze at a warehouse on New Summer Street in central Birmingham



Published on 27 February 2023
This incident is closed

New Summer Street, Birmingham, UK

Just after 07.30am this morning, we were called to reports of a fire in a two-storey warehouse on New Summer Street, Hockley, Birmingham.

A total of 14 fire crews, with over 60 firefighters have been mobilised to this incident, along with other specialist vehicles and equipment.

As a result of this incident, traffic is being seriously affected in the city centre. Please avoid the area if possible.

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The incident is a severe fire in a mid-terraced factory unit storing household goods.

Currently, firefighters in breathing apparatus are using 4 main jets to tackle the blaze.

Our high-volume pumping unit is also at the scene, along with a hydraulic platform.

West Midlands Police and West Midlands Ambulance are also on-site assisting our crews, with police closing some surrounding roads.

Nearby properties have been evacuated. There are no reported casualties at this time.

Those nearby, travelling or local residents or businesses, are advised to avoid the smoke plume where possible and close doors and windows.


Our crews have been making good progress in tackling this fire.

No fire spread has occurred to adjacent properties thanks to the efforts of our firefighters’ effective and assertive operations.

We’ve reduced our resources at the scene to five fire engines and a hydraulic platform.

Fire investigations teams have been in attendance but have not been able to confirm any cause at this stage. Investigations will be ongoing.

Crews are working with the local authority and West Midlands Police to reduce cordons and road closures as much as safely possible.

A structural engineer has also attended.

It’s expected the incident will remain open into the evening.


Crews continued making good progress throughout the evening.

By 10pm, all operations had ceased.

Crews will revisit the site at around 2am.


Crews revisited the scene twice during the night to check for and damp down hotspots.

A further revisit is planned for later this morning.


A fire engine and hydraulic platform have attended the incident this morning and remain at the scene.

Crews there are identifying and damping down hot spots and working with partners, such as a Birmingham City Council structural engineer, to assess and maintain safety on site.

Due to the unstable nature of the building and hot spots, further investigations into the cause of this incident are not possible currently. They will resume when it is safe to do so. The cause, at present, remains undetermined.

We will have a crew in attendance at least all day, and likely overnight, continuing to monitor the premises and damp down hot spots when identified.


Crews have continued to identify and damp down hot spots throughout the day.

Following liaison with West Midlands Police we can confirm Ward Street is now open. However, New Summer Street remains closed from Summer Lane to the junction of Ward Street.

A fire engine and hydraulic platform remain in attendance.


Our crews have been attending and monitoring this site throughout the night and into this morning. Where hot spots were located, they’ve been extinguished.

Currently, there are no further identified hot spots.

Crews will shortly be handing control of the site to Birmingham City Council to secure the premises. West Midlands Police have established appropriate cordons due to the safety of the building.

Due to the hazardous nature of some areas of the premises, fire investigations have not yet identified a confirmed cause. If this changes, we will update this page accordingly.

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