Scrap yard fire, Smethwick

50 firefighters tackle fire in Smethwick factory yard



Published on 4 July 2023
This incident is closed
Crews attended in under 4 minutes

Booth Street, Smethwick B66 2PF, UK

At 3.15am on Tuesday 4 July, we responded to a scrap plastic fire in a factory yard in Booth Street, Smethwick.

The first of 10 fire crews arrived within four minutes of being mobilised. An aerial platform was also sent to the scene.

This was a severe fire in the yard of two neighbouring industrial units, which affected approximately five tonnes of scrap plastic that was due to be recycled.

An adjoining building was also affected by the fire, causing damage to the window fascia and roof.

Access to Booth Street was limited for a short period of time, but the road has now fully re-opened.

No casualties or injuries have been reported as a result of the fire.

Our investigators are working to establish how it started.

Two fire engines remain at the scene damping down and checking for further hotspots.

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