Property fire, Park Road, Halesowen

Firefighters tackled a blaze in the loft of a property, which spread to the adjoining house.



Published on 27 February 2023
This incident is closed

Park Road, Halesowen, UK

Just before 12.00pm on Saturday 25 February, we were alerted to a fire at a property in Park Road, Cradley, Halesowen.

Initially, five fire engines, a 4×4 brigade response vehicle and a hydraulic platform attended.

The incident involved a fire, measuring 10m x 10m in a residential property that had spread to the adjoining house.

Six firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used two main jets to tackle the blaze, which caused major damage to the loft of one of the properties.

Firefighters using the hydraulic platform also stripped roof tiles to aid in locating remaining hotspots.

Colleagues from West Midlands Police were in attendance to assist with traffic management.

We revisited the site at 6.45pm and again the following morning to check for hotspots and none were found.