Property fire believed to have been caused by incense burner

Man affected by smoke



Published on 26 February 2024
This incident is closed
Crews attended in 4 minutes

Harefield Road, Coventry, UK

At 2.35am on Monday morning (26 February) two fire crews responded to reports of a fire in a three-storey property in Harefield Road, Stoke, Coventry.

The crews, from Coventry and Binley fire stations, arrived four minutes after being mobilised.

Fortunately, the fire was out when they got there. It is believed to have started accidentally and involved an incense burner.

One man who had been in the room concerned was affected by the smoke. He was checked over by firefighters and paramedics, but did not need hospital treatment.

There was a small amount of fire damage to the room, and some smoke logging to the rest of the property.

We left the scene just before 3.30am.