Prom night limo goes up in flames – Birmingham

West Mids firefighters extinguished the fire in 20 minutes and students made it to their event of the year



Published on 8 July 2022
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Wychbury Road, Birmingham, UK

The school prom didn’t start quite as planned for a group of students, when their stretch limo turned up… then burst into flames.

We received several 999 calls to Wychbury Road in Bartley Green, Birmingham at 5.50pm on Thursday 7 July.

Luckily, no-one was in the vehicle or hurt.

Firefighters from Northfield fire station wore breathing apparatus and used two hose reel jets to safely extinguish the fire in 20 minutes.

It’s believed to have started because of an electrical fault.

We’re pleased to say that the students still managed to get to their event of the year, at Shenley Academy.

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