Large Rubbish Fire, Redfern Road, Tyseley

Four crews were mobilised to a large amount of recycling rubbish alight at a premises in Tyseley, Birmingham



Published on 23 November 2022
This incident is closed

Redfern Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, UK

The incident, which we were called to at 19:13 on 22 November 2022, involves approximately 350 tonnes of rubbish, 10 tonnes of which were well alight in the open yard of a premises on Redfern Road, Tyseley, Birmingham.

Four crews were initially mobilised to the incident along with a hydraulic platform to tackle the blaze.

A fire service drone was also put into operation to provide an aerial view of the site to aid with firefighting operations and decision-making.

Due to a large smoke plume at the incident, local residents were asked to close doors and windows as a precautionary measure. Road closures were also put in place on Wharfdale road and Kings Road.

There are no reported casualties at this incident and the cause is not yet confirmed.

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Updates for this incident


Good progress is being made at this incident with the attendance now reduced to 3 crews and a hydraulic platform.

Crews continue to tackle the fire and damp down the rubbish piles affected.


Crews, having worked overnight at this incident, continue to damp down and deal with the fire.

It’s expected that crews will be in attendance for at least a further 24 hours.

Good but slow progress is being made.

The incident will later be scaled down to one crew and a hydraulic platform.

All road closures have now been removed, though traffic calming measures are in place on Redfern Road due to firefighting equipment, but traffic is still free-flowing.


Good progress is still being made.

The incident has been scaled down to one crew and a hydraulic platform.

Crews continue to damp down and turn over rubbish to access and extinguish hotspots.


The fire has been extinguished at this incident, after crews have been in attendance damping down and turning over.

The site will be revisited by crews at regular intervals for the next 24-48 hours to check for any re-ignition.

On-site staff have also been briefed to closely monitor for any signs of further smoke or fire and report them immediately.

This incident will now be closed.

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