Large field fire, Bennetts Road North, Coventry

Multiple seats of fire across a large area of farmland were tackled by our 4x4 brigade response vehicles, supported by other crews.



Published on 9 August 2022
This incident is closed

Bennetts Road North, Coventry, UK

At around 16:13 on 8 August, crews were mobilised to reports of fire in a field on Bennetts Road North, Corley, Coventry.

The incident, which involved a range of fires across a 500m x 500m area of farmland was attended by a total of 7 firefighting crews.

Along with assistance from West Midlands Police, including from their drone and the National Police Air Service helicopter, our crews were able to identify the seats of fire developing across the large area affected and three of our 4×4 brigade response vehicles were mobilised across the area to deal with these hotspots, supported by our fire engines.

A local farmer also assisted our firefighting efforts, using their tractor to create fire breaks and stop the incident from spreading further. West Midland Police also maintained road closures in the area.

Conditions did slow efforts, however, our crews were able to successfully extinguish the fires and the last crews left the scene around 23:05.