Horse rescued from Canal - Goscote Lane, Bloxwich

A horse that became stranded in a canal has been rescued by crews from Bloxwich and our technical rescue team



Published on 13 July 2022
This incident is closed

Goscote Lane, Bloxwich, Walsall, UK

A crew from Bloxwich Fire Station attended reports of a horse that had become stranded in a canal off Goscote Lane, Bloxwich.

The horse, which remained calm during the incident, was in around 4 feet of water in the canal.

Our crews initially tethered the horse while our technical rescue unit from Wednesbury was mobilised.

The technical rescue crew, who are specially trained in rescuing and assisting large animals, aided the horse safely out of the water.

The horse was then returned to the owner, who was also in attendance.

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