Fire in Heath Town, Wolverhampton

West Midlands fire crews respond as batteries 'explode' in yard



Published on 2 January 2024
This incident is closed
Crews attended in 4 minutes

Lincoln Street, Wolverhampton, UK

Just before 1.45pm on Tuesday (2 Jan), two fire crews responded to an outdoor fire in Lincoln Street, Heath Town, Wolverhampton.

The first crew arrived within four minutes of being mobilised.

The fire involved a small number of containers, whose contents included batteries. People nearby may have heard some of the batteries exploding.

The nature of the fire meant that it could not be tackled using water. Instead, a material was used to smother it, which had been achieved by around 2.45pm.

At around 3.30pm, there were further small explosions. Slight damage was caused to the roof of a nearby steel-framed building.

We sent more resources to the scene and, as of 4.30pm, six fire engines and an aerial platform were there.

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We have scaled down to one fire engine at this incident and the fire has been extinguished.




From midday, if you live or work near Lincoln Street in the Heath Town area of Wolverhampton, you may hear more bangs and small explosions as our work to bring this incident to a close continues.

Some smoke may also be visible but please don’t be alarmed.

Seven drums of lithium have been isolated at the scene, by firefighters working with specialist advisors.
We have now scaled down our resources at the scene, but will continue to revisit and monitor as a precaution throughout the night.

We revisited the site on several occasions overnight and this morning to check temperatures in the affected lithium containers.

Safe readings have been recorded and we have liaised with on-site staff.

This incident has now closed.

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