Factory Fire, Cable Street, Wolverhampton

Firefighters tackle Wolverhampton factory blaze



Published on 18 January 2024
This incident is closed
Crews attended in under 5 minutes

Cable Street, Wolverhampton, UK

Shortly before 10.55pm on Wednesday 11 January, we responded to to Cable Street in the Monmore Green area of Wolverhampton.

Ten fire engines, a 4×4 brigade response vehicle and a hydraulic aerial platform attended, crewed by around 55 firefighters.

This was a fire measuring 50 x 20 metres in a single-storey factory at an industrial trading estate.

Good progress was made in several firefighting sectors, and we scaled down our resources at around 1.30am.

Crews extinguished hotspots throughout the night as they were identified.

There were no casualties or injuries as a result of this fire.

A small presence at the scene remains as firefighters assist Fire Investigation Officers, who are now in attendance.