Crews cooling lithium ion and lithium metal batteries to prevent blaze

A premises storing end-of-life batteries called for our assistance after temperatures of batteries in storage reached dangerous levels.



Published on 19 July 2022
This incident is closed

Ecobat Solutions, Willenhall Road, Darlaston, Wednesbury, UK

We were called to a battery recycling plant, EcoBat Solutions in Darlaston, Walsall just after 14:00 on 18 July.

The incident involved a large number of pallets containing end-of-life lithium ion and lithium metal batteries. Due to the current ambient heat, the temperatures of batteries were found to be at a level which posed a serious fire risk.

The staff at the site made early proactive contact with us which enabled us to provide early intervention before the situation escalated.

Crews have worked with on-site staff and our own hazardous materials officers to implement a plan to cool the batteries using water taken from a local canal.

Following this, the temperatures registered had dropped to safer levels overnight.

Crews will make revisits during the night to monitor the situation.

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Updates for this incident


Due to further increases in ambient temperature, this incident, which was monitored by revisits overnight, was attended this morning by crews to re-commence cooling operations.

Although battery temperatures did not rise to the quite the same levels today, they are still in excess of safe storage levels so crews continue to monitor and damp down the pallets as needed.

We expect to remain in attendance for the rest of the day.


A single crew remains at the scene of this incident continuing to damp down and monitor battery temperatures.


Crews have successfully reduced the temperature of the batteries to a safe level. The incident will be left temporarily, with a revisit due in the morning to check levels again.


Following a revisit this morning by crews from Willenhall, they’ve confirmed batteries remain at safe temperatures and cooling is no longer required.

A final revisit will take place later this morning after which the incident will be closed.

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