Burst gas main - Dudley Road, Oldbury

Around 350 residents evacuated as a precaution



Published on 21 July 2022
This incident is closed

Dudley Road, Oldbury, UK

At 7.29pm on Thursday 21 July fire crews responded to a burst gas main in allotments off Dudley Road, Oldbury.

We are liaising with the gas board, to repair the main.

Working with West Midlands Police, we have closed Dudley Road.

Around 350 have been evacuated from some 200 homes as a precaution. Most are being looked after at the Shri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple on Dudley Road East, while others are staying with family and friends.

We advise all local resident to close their windows and doors.

The cause of the rupture is not yet known.

Please avoid the area whilst it is made safe.

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Cadent have successfully isolated the gas, allowing for repair of the main.

Gas monitors have been used to ensure that the area is safe and we are informing residents that they may now return to their homes.

Thank you to all those evacuated for your cooperation and understanding and to the Shri Venkateswra Temple for giving residents somewhere to stay during the incident.

Dudley Road will remain closed, whilst repair work on the main is carried out.

This was an example of excellent interagency working leading to an effective and efficient response.

The scene has been left with Cadent who are carrying out the repair.

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