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We get asked lots of questions about a range of subjects. Hopefully the answer you need to your question 'What if an animal is trapped or injured?' is below.

What if an animal is trapped or injured?

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Whilst we can assist with animal rescues, often the best people to speak to are the RSCPA.

If an animal or pet is trapped or stranded in a way that could put it's life at risk (such as stranded in water, or trapped between wires, fences or buildings) then call us on 999 first. Our skilled operators will be able to assess the situation and give you the best advice.

If it involves pets or animals who are in no danger, such as cats up trees, you should always contact the RSPCA first. We do not attend unless they are at the scene and they require our assistance.

If in doubt, and it's not urgent, contact us on our non-emergency number 0845 5000 900 for advice.

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