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We get asked lots of questions about a range of subjects. Hopefully the answer you need to your question 'Should I keep my car doors locked when driving?' is below.

Should I keep my car doors locked when driving?

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We're often asked if it's safe to keep your car doors locked when you're driving. Often the media reports it's safer to, to prevent carjacking or theft. But some people have concerns that this might impede our ability to rescue you if you're involved in an accident.

With many modern vehicles that feature auto-locking mechanisms, they typically are designed to release when a vehicle is involved in a collision. However, with older vehicles with manual locks, this isn't the case.
We can't advise people specifically what they should do, as it's your choice as the driver to decide what you feel is best. However, we can assure our communities that if anyone was involved in an accident, the door being locked wouldn't stop our crews from being able to get them out. Either through breaking windows or removing the door entirely, we have a range of techniques that would allow us to get you out safely, whether a door is locked or not.
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