I’d like firefighters to visit our local community group or to come to a station, how can I organise this?



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Our firefighters can sometimes organise visits for local community groups for them to find out more about our role, our equipment and vehicles and to give out general or specialised safety advice.

Some of the groups we can organise visits with are Scouts, Beavers, religious and senior citizens groups. All visits, either by our crews or to our stations are subject to the availability of our crews, however, and formal educational visits to schools and operational activity would always take priority.

To organise a visit by a fire crew or to one of our stations, please use the following contact details based on your area. Emails are preferred as our teams receive a lot of enquiries.


0121 380 7510

Coventry and Solihull

0121 380 7520

Black Country

0121 380 7530