Urgent flood water safety warning issued after incident involving a car in Hall Green, Birmingham

Highgate fire crew responds to a serious flooding incident in Hall Green, Birmingham, involving a car containing a woman and child, stranded in flood water.



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Published on 4 January 2024

A crew from Highgate fire station responded to Green Road in Hall Green shortly before 4.25pm on Tuesday 2 January.

They arrived to find that a woman and a child had already been rescued from a car by a member of the public, after their vehicle had got stuck in a fast-moving water beneath a bridge.

It is clear that the man risked his own safety, and put others first. We hope that everyone involved is recovering from their ordeal.

The incident could have had a very different ending, and highlights just how dangerous flood water can be.

A car trapped in fast-moving water under a bridge

The water will be moving much faster thank you think. You can’t see what’s beneath the surface, like raised manhole covers and debris.

Just a small amount of water can stop your engine. Flood water is often strong enough to shift your car several metres downstream.

Our advice is:

  • keep out of flood water, whether you’re in a vehicle or on foot
  • even if you think you think it’s safe – perhaps it’s a local ford you’ve driven through many times before – don’t risk it
  • if you do get stranded, don’t try to get out of your vehicle in fast-flowing water. Call 999 and ask for the fire service
  • if you think you can leave your vehicle safely, do so very slowly and carefully
  • if you have a breakdown and recovery service, you should call them. The fire service doesn’t assist in the recovery of vehicles from water
  • if you’re out for a walk, don’t be tempted to get near the water.
  • always keep dogs on leads around water


It’s still the school holidays for many, so parents and carers: please make sure your children know the dangers of flood water.

For more tips on staying safe around water, especially in the winter, please visit our winter water safety page.